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Are you joining the fete this year? Or as Trinidadians would better say, are you ‘Playing Mas’?
Yes it’s fun to watch the carnival, eat the delicious food and dance on the sound systems.
But let us tell you what is really fun: to join a band, and play mas.

You have a lot of choice but beware, many bands sell-out their packages very quickly, so make sure you plan Your Notting Hill Carnival with MyCarnival • Notting Hill.

The masquerade bands (Carnival Monday)
They offer an immersive experience with packages that include a splendid costume, and food & drinks throughout the day.
You will be dancing all day to the sound of your bands sound system!

The ‘Dutty Mas’ bands (Carnival Sunday)
Take part in the traditional J’ouvert celebrations where you will play with chocolate, paint or powder. An extremely fun, unforgettable, transformative experience. Find out more about J’ouvert

The Steel Pan orchestras
If you’re looking for an authentic Caribbean experience, why not join a steel pan band?
Steel pans are the essence of the Caribbean, with a sound that is pure and timeless.
You will need to join a few month prior to the carnival to start the practice!