United Kreyol Mas is the first French Caribbean masquerade band of the Notting Hill Carnival.

The group offers a meticulously crafted carnival experience whilst staying proudly connected to the ancient carnival traditions of the French West Indies.
The experience will comprise:

  • For breakfast, a traditional goûter with "pain au beurre" and hot chocolate
  • Lunch with a selection of bokits, the delicious sandwiches from Guadeloupe,  courtesy of renowned street food vendors Bokit'la
  • A dedicated DJ with traditional sounds such as bouyon and zouk chiré . The parade leaders will play the chacha and coq a lambi.
  • Open bar with planteur, ti punch with rum courtesy of Karukera, a sponsor of the event.
  • Costumes made to measure in traditional madras

The group will share a truck with Dominican masquerade group Duka mas while retaining full artistic independence on the road.


Notting Hill Carnival 2022 with  United Kreyol Mas promises to be an experience like no other!
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