It’s Sunday night at the Tabernacle, Ladbroke Grove.
UCOM is showcasing “MYTHODYSSEY” its Greek themed collection for Notting Hill Carnival 2016.

Eight sections featuring the masquerade bands  Socaholic, Hype Masqueraders, and Karma Infinity.
All 31 costumes have been created by Costume Designer Paul O’Donoghue with a collaboration on the Pandora Box section with Renata Gordon.

Section 1: Amethyst by Karma Infinity Mas Band

Tones of vibrant purple drenched in sparkling diamantes create the sparkle and brilliance of the Amethyst stone


Section 2: Sirens by Socaholic UK

Shade of Peach, Burgundy, Neon Coral, Pearls and Rich Golds enchant you with their beauty.


Section 3: God and Goddess of Life by Hype Masqueraders

A mix of grape, fuchsia, deep turquoise and sea foam green encapsulate Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Life.

Hype masqueraders

Section 4: Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth is a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters
A sparkling and shimmering flow of  vibrant shades of turquoise and silver grey.

Foutain of Youth

Section 5: Amaru Dragon

Tones of red, teal green ans sea foam green are combined with gold crystal, reminiscent of the Amaru Dragon, they mythical dragon associated with the Inca Empires.

Amaru Dragon

Section 6: Pandora’s Box

Black vivid shades of teal and fuchsia combined with gold and AB effects captivate the Pandora’s Box section.
A collection co-designed by Renata Gordon and UCOM carnival.

Pandora's Box

Section 7: Midas Touch

King Midas is remembered for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold.
Rich golds, vibrant golden yellows, metallic reflections and iridescent elements personify this section.

Midas Touch

Section 8: Flight of the Phoenix

Fiery tones of red, orange and yellow with touches of vibrant blue depict the flight of the phoenix, the mythical bird, continually reborn.

Flight of the Phoenix

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