Twerking might be the buzzword of last year since Miley Cyrus made it to the VMA but in reality we are going to find its origins much further back than that.

The dance move originated from the Mapouka dance in Ivory Coast for several generation (feel free to Google it yourself)  but has since been sexualised since the hip-hop industry adopted it.  The group ‘Tueuses de Mapouka’ was one of the most  popular Mapouka group back in the 80s in Ivory Coast.

Anyway, twerking is one of those skills always worth having, just in case you know. It might be life saving skill set particularly during Notting Hill Carnival.

So here is an easy- to- follow guide to help you improve yourself!

twerking guide


Did you get it? Now it’s time to practice until the Carnival… Let us know how you are getting along!