Carnival and festival accessories are a must on the road.
Great visors will jazz up any carnival costume and the right beaded jewellery will compliment a festival look.

Here are the top 10 indispensable accessories.

Tribal bikini

Why not try and emulate the costume of the masquerade with this beautiful and very affordable African Tribal bikini?
It's very high waisted for a comfortable wear at the beach and would also look great with a pair of jeans.

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Iconic rasta dress

This see-through fishnet rasta dress popularised by Rihanna doesn't get old. Perfect for a day on the road with the vibrant colours of the Jamaican flag. Perfect for carnival!

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Carnival sun visors

An absolute must-have accessory on the road. These cool, futuristic carnival visors, the perfect complement for masquerade costumes. Maybe not an indispensable accessory at the Notting Hill Carnival but a must-have for the upcoming Jamaican carnival!

Available on Everything CropOver

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Ethnic handmade waistbag

Waist bags have only recently come back at the forefront of fashion and thank God for that.
How have we managed all these years attending festivals without them. These waistbags are from Quaint Bags. They a real find, as well as all their other accessories. 

Available on the Quaint by GSC shop

Photo credit @quaintbags (Instagram)

Glittery flask

Another indispensable carnival accessory: the flash.
If you've got to take a flask on the road, it might as well be glittery.
They're not easy to find online, but we found some on Amazon.

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Feather hearings

You cannot go wrong with feather earrings at festivals or carnivals. They're delicate, timeless and also very affordable.

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A Caribbean flag bandana

Girl carrying the Jamaican flag

Waving a flag is such a delightful thing to do at Carnival. Especially when coming from a tiny island.
The alternative: wearing a Caribbean flag bandana. 
Another great find!

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Festival embellished bling sunglasses

Festival Oversized Embellished Bling Black Sunglasses Resort Eyewear. Jewelled Retro Square Crystal Rhinestone Burning Man.

Whether attending a festival or a carnival, you've got to check PicaPicaFeathers' collection of jewelled extravagant eyewear.
These retro sunglasses are stunning and a show stopper. 
These pearl and diamanté sunglasses are all handmade in the UK.

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Beaded ethnic necklace

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 16.03.17

Handmade accessories always stand out, that is why we particularly like this ethnic beaded necklace. A great bright red accent and impeccable finish at a good price.

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Phone ring holder

Ring holder for mobile phone

Now the most important thing on the road besides having a great time is taking the best pictures. And keeping a firm hold one one's phone is a must. The solution: a phone ring!

These phone rings are discreet, sturdy and tried and tested!

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