Yes. That’s correct. There are pigs living in the Bahamas and all they do is Eat, Swim, Sleep, Repeat. Sounds like a familiar routine ?

But wait…  Who are these pigs? What do they do? The legend says that the pigs have been introduced to the island by passing sailors who may have thought they would make a good food source. The sailors never returned and now the lucky porkers needed to learn how to swim and deal with the sweet life of  leisure.

They became a very popular attraction on The Exuma island of the Bahamas and there is no need to say that swimming with Dolphins is now old-fashioned.

Look at this interesting documentary :

If you are planning on visiting the Bahamas to see those pigs AND also celebrate Carnival then don’t miss JUNKANOO Festival next year. It’s ended this year on 9th of May. Bahamas  has now been added to the international Carnival destination list.

Do you know the particularity of Junkanoo?

Bahamas Carnival Costumes are  always  made with local materials such as, sisal, coconut husk, Bahama Hanprint and locally made fabric. It’s an opportunity to showcase ‘Things Bahamian’ and local savoir-faire.


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