South Connections have been established for over 28 years and are a family orientated carnival mas band with strong community and cultural links.
As an Art Council funded organisation, South Connections have been able to enlist the talent of various designers for their costumes.

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Notting Hill Carnival 2018

Band launch: TBA

Notting Hill Carnival 2017

Theme: Meditation

Notting Hill Carnival 2016

Name of Float:The Big Screen”

‘THE BIG SCREEN takes you through a cannon of your favourite, visually distinct motion pictures; portrayed through an array of stunning costumes for the road.
This year we will be causing a scene…Speed….Camera rolling….AND ACTION!’

Band launch: 10th April 2016
Read the review by ILoveCarnivall:

The theme for this year’s costumes is called ‘The Big Screen’ conceived by Vernon Francis (one of the committee members) but designed by Sam with a background in theatre. I wish I had caught his last name.  The theme is a tribute to some of more awe inspiring costumes we see in some of the movies which have visual impact.  Four sections were displayed; 300, Avatar, Predator and the VIP section ‘The Black Swan’. We were informed there is a fifth section ‘Frozen’.

With the introduction of each section, there was a distinctive musical piece from each movie before it went into soca. If you know the movies, you would know immediately what movie it was.  I loved that. Attention to detail. I was really impressed with how this band stuck to theme.

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Price range: £150 to £400
Children costumes: yes
Costume order: Visit Facebook group