Socaholic is very excited to announce their partnership on the road with United Colours Of Mas for Notting Hill Carnival 2015

UCOM is an established and truly innovative mas band, bringing together fun-loving people from all cultures and backgrounds to celebrate the art of Carnival.

The Sioux Costume Section was created by award winning international designer Paul O’Donoghue and has been produced in the UK by UCOM.

The beautifully crafted and vibrant Sioux Costume is available in female and male Backline options and also Frontline – for those that want more.

If you are going to do NHC2015 then do it like ah boss and join Socaholic on the road.

For more details please visit | Enquiries please email [email protected]

Female frontline

nhc2015-16x9-04 (female frontline) RESIZED

Male frontline

nhc2015-16x9-07 (male frontline) resizednhc2015-16x9-05 (male frontline) RESIZEDjpg

Female & male frontline

nhc2015-16x9-06 (female & male frontline) RESIZED

Female backline

nhc2015-16x9-02 (female backline)

Male backline

nhc2015-16x9-03 (male backline)