Music Dreams studios, West London, 11pm.
Trinoboi Joocie is preparing his showcase at the Leicester carnival with his band.

Triniboi Joocie rehearsal
Live rehearsal
His performances are known to be energetic and engaging. From the thorough and intensive rehearsal, one realises it takes work and dedication to nail a good live set!
Joocie won the 2014 Soca Road March. I ask him whether he was surprised of his achievement, he reveals:
I made sure that I won, I sang in a good amount of carnival trucks.
In the rain, because remember last year it was raining at the carnival, and me and one of the guys in my team, we followed the route and went to every truck, to perform!
Consistency as an artist is indeed important, Joocie has been very present in the UK and Trinidad soca scenes throughout the years.
To earn respect from the industry, you have to be constant, Every year I’ve released two or three songs.
I do music throughout the year, not just at Carnival time, I do that from January to December.
Quality is important. I look at how I can improve myself as an artist. How I can make my songs better. Visually also, my presentation. The whole package you know.

Whilst Joocie has been rising into prominence in the UK soca scene since 2009, his first love is steel pan.

In Trinidad where he was born, he was the youngest pan player to win the Panorama competition.


Triniboi Joocie performing with Ebony Steelband
Performing with Ebony Steelband
This success earned him an invitation to play for one of the biggest steel pan orchestras in the UK, Ebony Steelband for which he still plays in the front line, as captain.

Joocie has performed with the biggest Soca artists, he recalls his favourite performance was at the 2014 Love Supreme festival. with Courtney Pine and Omar:

I was invited to perform at a jazz festival Love Supreme in Brighton, I performed with Omar and Courtney Pine on the main stage. We came on after Soul II Soul.
It was the first time Soca was played at a Jazz festival in Europe, and I loved that. I performed two of my songs, and  Courtney Pine was like: ‘Joocie I want you to do you, just do you’ . The crowd loved it, the feedback was very good, they said it was the best set in the whole festival!
Whether it is Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin or Kerwin du Bois,  Joocie appraises the work of other soca artists and is committed to the UK soca scene.
Machel is very consistent, I admire that with him, I admire his ability to change, evolve with the times, produce something that is of that time. Bunji, his lyrical content and quality is always good, he is always pushing the boundaries.
I continue to do soca, continue to make a contribution. I look up to them but I’m not star struck.
My ambition is to push soca to mainstream radio. To create a soca movement here in the UK, and in Europe as well. To keep the focus here, as the UK Soca scene is developing. My main focus is in Europe.

 Listen to MAWD, the infectious and energetic track Triniboi Joocie is presenting to the UK soca Road March. A track that will surely keep the carnival revellers moving this year!