St Lucia born Samantha Combie grew up immersed in music and her love for soca has earned her the name: Soca Princess.
She has collaborated with prominent names in the Soca arena such as  Peter “Mathias” Simeon and Courtney Louis.
She is presenting “Ah Ready”, for Soca Road March 2015.

Tell us more about your song
This year I have entered an upbeat  and groovy song. The name of the song is ‘Ah Ready’.
Written and produced by Leboo (Heights Music Productions).

What motivated you to participate to the Soca Road March?
I have been taking part in the Soca Road March competition for the past five years. The feeling of contributing towards carnival is my motivation to take part every year.

Are you going to be on the road for the carnival?
Oh yes, that is a must. I will be jumping with Chocolate on Carnival Sunday and Flagz on Carnival Monday.

How is Notting Hill Carnival special to you?
Because it is Europe’s biggest street festival and also for the music, steel pan, the various food stalls (not only depicting the Caribbean food but almost like a taste of different worlds), the various colours, costumes and creativity on display.
When I am jumping down the streets of Notting Hill, it is almost like being in a big party where everyone is invited.
Notting Hill carnival is special to me because for two days I truly feel the spirit of the Caribbean.

If you are going to Leeds carnival, Soca Princess will be performing at the Soca Monarch on August 29th.


Ah Ready
Written By: Francis De Lima
Produced by – Francis ‘Leebo’ De Lima


Get to know Soca Princess on her website and her Facebook page

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