It is Natia Daniel’s third year in the UK Soca Road March. In 2013, she placed 2nd in the competition.
An accomplished singer and songwriter, she has received several accolades from the industry, namely “Best New Female Soca Artist of 2013” by the International Soca Awards.

You seem to really like the carnival atmosphere, what makes it special to you?
I love it! Music in general provides a level of freedom, but Soca music & the Carnival atmosphere makes me feel like i can cast all troubles away & free up. Especially if you play mas, dressing up in a beautiful costume can be exciting!

You came 2nd at the Soca Road March 2013, how was it like to be so close to winning?
I was disappointed i didn’t win, as i believed the song was great, but at the same time, I was proud to achieve 2nd place and know that it did get a good response from the crowd.

What do you aspire to transmit through your music?
My music has transition from fun-loving to sexy soca, but overall my message is to enjoy yourself!

What are you plans for Notting Hill Carnival 2015, are you going to be on the road, are you performing?
At the moment, I’m undecided as to who I’ll play mas with this year, but I will be on the road. As for performing on the road, that’s to be confirmed..

Tell us more about the song you are presenting this year to the competition?
Well I teamed up with Martian Music from Trinidad, who produced the Patrol Riddim plus other songs for T’n’T this year and the lyrics were written for me by a team call The Collective 868. The song is about a guy that’s been chasing a girl in a fete for a while & now she’s telling him to step up and show her what he can do. It’s got an element of sauciness in it, so I hope it will help spice up the carnival.

Any upcoming performances?
I have a few private bookings coming up, and i’m hosting a concert towards the end of the year – look out for that!


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