PYS Carnival is a small London Costume Design Brand specialising in designing and creating unique costumes for street performances. We are driven by our love for carnival, culture and in fashion.
Our aim is to create unique products and provide an excellent level of customer service. With this, we hope to encourage more individuals to participate in cultural events, enhance the awareness of them and create a platform for new experiences.

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Notting Hill carnival 2018

Band launch: 21st April 2018 Real Indulgence with Island Mas
Theme: Cocoa Luxe

Notting Hill Carnival 2016

Theme: “Wetin Dae Ondah?” , from Sierra Leonan creole: “What is Under?”

PYS Carnival- Headdress

PYS Carnival - african headdress


What happens when the culture of an African country (in this instance Sierra Leone) meets the carnival culture of the Caribbean in costume design?  PYS  Carnival Designs is born.
PYS Carnival designs was created by (Patricia Cassandra Yatunde Sawyer)  who is from Sierra Leone in Africa. This is her third year as a designer with a section in the Notting Hill Carnival. However this year would be her 10th year on the road as masquerader in carnival. During her final year of her BA Fashion Textiles course at the London College of Fashion, she was approached twice by the owner of a notable band in London to design a section. Her first section debuted in 2014 with the Genesis Carnival Company.  The theme was “The Journey”, depicting all the influences of the Carnival and was a resounding success being sold out, leading to the creation of PYS

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