Notting Hill panorama evening set the standard for the weekend.  Britain’s got Reggae showed the high expectations, as contestants were given serious feedback from the judges on how to raise their game.

The following epic battle of the steel pans was beamed straight to a big screen with every detail, larger than life.  Each band was given a long slot in front to of the judging platform, so they had time to fully showcase themselves.  This provided a totally different insight to glimpses caught in the street during the parade.
As the evening progressed, the crowd swelled, settling down with trays of food from the barbeque.  The scent of the coal smoke rose above the crowd.  This was a chance for the very old and the very young to sample a piece of carnival.  Overlooked by Trellick tower, the thought of Grenfell was never far away.  Tributes were dedicated as hundreds of green helium balloons were released into the atmosphere.

Panorama 2017 results

Congratulations to Ebony Steelband for another clear win of Panorama!

1.Ebony Steelband (283 pts)

Performing Far From Finish by Aaron “Voice” St Louis
Arranger Duvone Stewart
Tuner Dudley Dickson
Manager Albert Faustine/Ashley Bullard
Captain Chloe Iyayi

2. Metronomes Steel Orchestra (269 pts)

Performing Full Extreme by Ultimate Reject
Arranger Leroy Clarke
Toussaint Clarke
Manager Eversley “Breeze” Mills
Captain Vivian Miller

3. Mangrove Steel Band (266 pts)

Performing Full Extreme by Ultimate Reject
Arranger Andre White
Tuner  Birch Kelman
Manager Matthew Phillip
Captain Andrew Facey

4. Southside Harmonics Steel Orchestra (237 pts)

Performing Rumble in the Jungle by Amrit Samaroo
Arranger Eustace Benjamin
Tuner Tony Charles
Manager Julian Gibbs
Captain Julian Gibbs

5. Endurance Steel Orchestra (227 pts)

Performing Good Morning by Peter Ram
Arranger Marlon Hibbert
Tuner: Grafton Yearwood & Toussaint Clarke
: Aaron Williams
Manager: Marlon Hibbert


5. Croydon Steel Orchestra (227 pts)

Performing Good Morning by Peter Ram
Arranger Brent ‘Antics’ Holder
Tuner Emerline ‘Bacchanal’ Lemmerman
Manager Paul Dowie
Captain – 

5. Phase 1 Steel Orchestra (227 pts)

Performing Hold That Pan Stick by Kyle Noel
Arranger Stephon Phillip
Tuner Victor Phillip
Manager Beverly Phillip
Captain JJ Mattu

Source: London Notting Hill Enterprises Trust (LNHCET)
Picture credits: Steel Pan Trust
Text: The Girl Next Door