UK National Panorama 2016 results:

1. Ebony Steelband

Performing Cheers to Life by Voice
Arranger Duvone Stewart
Tuner Dudley Dickson
Manager Pepe Francis MBE
Captain Anesha Carbon

2. Mangrove Steel Band

Performing Different Me – 5Star Akil
Arranger Andre White
Tuner Bertrand ‘Birch’ Kellman
Manager Debi Gardner
Captain Andrew Facey

3. Metronomes Steel Orchestra

Performing Different Me – 5Star Akil
Arranger Annise ‘Halfers’ Hadeed
Manager Eversley Mills
Captain Vivian Miller

4.Real Steel

Performing Nostalgia by Carlton ‘Panman’
Arranger & Manager Leroy Clarke
Tuner Toussaint Clarke

5. Endurance Steel Orchestra

Performing Different Me by 5Star Akil
Arranger & Manager Marlon Hibbert

6. London All Stars

Performing Soca Ruption by Simon Superville
Arranger Phil ‘DBL’ Rollock
Tuner Franck Rollock
Manager Franck Rollock
Captain Shanai Rollock

7. Croydon Steel Orchestra

Performing Different Me by 5Star
Arranger Akil David Ljaduola
Tuner Emily ‘Bacchanal’ Lemmerman
Manager Paul Dowie
Captains Jody Moosetach-Humphries and Temitayo Ken Afolabi

8. CSI Steelband Trust

Performing Pan By Storm by Designer
Arranger & Manager Brent Holder MBE

Source: London Notting Hill Enterprises Trust (LNHCET)