Siiren Sire may be new to the reggae dancehall scene, but she has more than one string to her bow.
She writes her own music, (and aspire to write for other artists), sings and dances.
Listen to her latest release, Doppelganger a cheerful, effervescent track, a perfect summer anthem.

A few excerpts from an interview she gave to CVH1 1ST Class Magazine

Her music genre of choice is reggae dancehall
In my early twenties I entered into the recording studio for the first time and recorded some songs of a pop genre. After working with many different styles I finally stumbled upon a genre that I could immerse myself right into which was Reggae/Dancehall music. I found my sound in this style.

She started writing when she was 14 years old
Even at that age it felt so comfortable and it felt like a burning desire to continue doing it (…)
Song writing for me is about growth, when I write I develop not just my craft, but I improve myself. Melody is very important to me as that’s what engages the listener, then the chorus is the money shot that hooks the ears of the listener.

Her latest track: Doppelganger is about self-belief and being driven by one’s own voice
In 2015 I took a year hiatus from music and writing. Then in early December of the same year I decided I wanted to go back into the studio to start work on a new album. I felt refreshed and was buzzing with new ideas. I wrote a song over that Christmas period and went back into the studio to lay down the vocals. This track is titled ‘Doppelganger’. I believed it was a very strong song and decided to shoot a video for it. This song carries a special message how we should as individuals shine in our own light. Have faith and self-belief in ourselves and not try to be like anyone else as sometimes you can be swayed to do …. Just Do You!!

If she aspired to inspire people she would tell them:
To always be yourself and trust your instincts. Stay true to your craft or whatever you are feeling the desire to do. You must always believe things will work out. It May not be the way you expect but I promise you, it will always be better.

Read the full interview on CVH1 1ST Class Magazine

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