Pavel Diaz was crowned Prince Mr and Miss West Indies Beauty Pageant in 2016.
He tells me the story of his experience, and the close ties he has with the Notting Hill Carnival

What is the first time you had participated in a beauty pageant?
I had done similar competitions before, but it was the first opportunity I had to represent my island: Trinidad and Tobago.
This was my most memorable pageant, in terms of the journey itself.
I found a lot of pageants don’t really pay attention to the contestants, but rather on the final day itself, there is no journey, and you don’t really get to know anybody. For this pageant, the process started in March and ended in August. I had a chance to learn about myself, build up my confidence. Learn more about my island, the people. It was a great opportunity.
I made friends!

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What was your favourite moment in the contest?
The most memorable thing was to meet great people.
It was nice to find myself with Caribbean people and learn about different Caribbean islands.

What was the most challenging moment on the day?
My biggest weakness has always been speaking in public. That’s something I tried and strengthen during the competition.
Each person have their own strength and weaknesses, some is their physique, other their intelligence, or ability to speak in public.
Seeing different people with different skills motivated me to improve my own skills.
Since then, my skills on stage have improved!

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How does it feel to have been crowned Prince of the pageant?
It’s been cool, it’s been a nice experience so far. I’ve been using my title to push new doors (Pavel is a model and a lyricist, and has an EP coming out in August)

Last but not least, what does the carnival mean to you?
For me the carnival is freedom.
My aunt, Claire Holder, used to run the event (in the early 2000s).
Carnival is about carrying my family’s legacy in a different type of way.
I’ve been modelling for UCOM but also for many other bands!

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About Mr & Miss West Indies UK 2017

Could you be the next crowned King or Queen West Indies of the UK?
The only pageant in the UK promoting both males and females together in identifying, acknowledging and celebrating their West Indian heritage and culture together. Contestants must be aged between 18 to 29 and be a resident of the UK.

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