Throughout their 32 years on the road, Cocoyea have had the chance to experiment with the design of their costumes.
In 1983 the band was on the road with an African theme: ‘Destroying Angels‘.
Masqueraders took to the West London streets in hell-size wings, and recreated the long forgotten and ancient rituals.

The tradition of the carnival has often been attributed to Europe, where processions have been reported since the Middle-Ages.
However one could not ignore the influence of  the masquerade traditions, from Africa.

The majority of Africans who where brought to the Caribbean would have been exposed to the masquerading traditions, that have taken place in  Western Africa, for centuries.

What is Cocoyea going to come up with this year, and present at their band launch?
We’re looking forward to discovering it!


Ritual of Power & Rebellion by Hollis “Chalkdust” Liverpool
Behind the Masquerade by Kwesi Owusu and Jacob Ross