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Masquerade 2000 - M2K mas

mas band


Masquerade 2000, also known as M2K is a family oriented mas band established in 1992.
As one of the oldest floats in the Notting Hill carnival, they were the inspirations for many other bands.
The costumes are particularly magnificent with an impeccable attention to detail.
[email protected] Masqueraders have said:

M2K provide me with that family vibe. They make playing mas even more fun for me because everyone welcomes you

I started playing mas with M2K when I was 4 and enjoyed every moment of it. I really love the family atmosphere and am still here 18 years on.

But M2K has always been a lot more than playing mas. As a voluntary organisation, they collaborate with schools and arts related organisation to promote education and the development of key skills such as business management, administration and costume production.

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