Through its dedication to the carnival and the traditions, Mangrove mas band has, for many years, lived and thrived at the Tabernacle. The mas band exists as one of the creative arms of the Carnival Village Trust.
With the equally established and respected award-winning Mangrove Steel Band, it brings creativity and folklore to the iconic Grade II listed building that is the Tabernacle, a very much loved institution within the Caribbean community that live in West London.
 Tonight is the  Mangrove masquerade float costume reveal, for Notting Hill Carnival 2015.
The Tabernacle is full as I’ve never seen it, with whole families: parents, children and teenagers. There is an atmosphere of excitement and the costumes are welcomed with cheers!
The children occupy a very important place in this reveal, and family are clearly going to be “on the road” together, as they seem to have been, for many years.
The theme this year, Mexicana Dreams takes us back to one of the first theme Mangrove created for Notting Hill Carnival in 1978: Viva Zapata!

The sections designs:Sueños de Rosario,  Amor Eterno, El Bandito, (for adults) and Little Bandito and Sweet Chica (for children) are inspired from from the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration.
Do join Mangrove on the road if you would like to be immersed in a true carnival experience, with your whole family!

Here are a few pictures of the launch below, and do check the Mangrove Facebook page where more pictures will be posted.