Mahogany band launch, at Mahogany mas camp, in Harlesden, was very different from the costume presentations we’ve attended this year.
There was no catwalk and no show.
You got the impression that for Mahogany, Carnival is not a fashion show, it is about art, savoir-faire and culture.
Many pictures from past events were displayed on the walls and gave us a sense of the complexity and beauty of the costume Mahogany crafts.
Designs always start on paper where the story unfolds, before coming to life in the mas camp thanks to many little hands.
This year, the concept presented is entitled: ‘IMAGINE THIS’ : as the wheel of time spins, races and cultures mix and evolve. ‘IMAGINE THIS’ aspires to stimulate your imagination on the unexplored
The themes of the collection presented were :
– Go Wild Go Free
– Wheel of Time
– The Groovers
– The Secret Garden
– Carnival of the Swans
The (borrowed) costumes cost £30 for children and £80 for adults.
So not to worry if you do not have the space at home to accomodate these big pieces!


The experience is particularly recommended to families.