What to expect

Calypso, Creepy Crawlers, Jumping, Singing and Counting.

For any kind of party, at any time of day, the creepy crawly calypso is the best music to play! Jump and turn to this cool calypso beat!  Played by a funky band of creepy crawlies.   Introducing on the steel drums, the funky spider, cool butterflies with their accordions, cockroaches on their saxophones, dragonflies blowing their trombones, fireflies tooting with their brass trumpets, ants with their tiny flutes, ladybirds strumming their guitars, crickets with hands on marimba, beetles beating the congas, and centipedes tinkling pianos.

This catchy calypso tune will have everyone dancing and singing along.


This is a great book for children ages 3-7. The illustrations are colourful and vibrant, portraying these mini-beasts playing musical instruments.  The story itself it is a Calypso song.  It features rhyming whilst introducing numbers, insects and musical instruments used to play calypso. Children will delight in learning about numbers, musical instruments and creepy crawlers thanks to how the author easily blends a counting theme throughout the book with a lots of creepy-crawly facts and information about the Caribbean and calypso bands.  In addition to this, at the back of the book, the musical composition of the song is included so parents and kids can have a go at playing the tune with a guitar or any instruments that can play chords. This would be a great book for children learning about calypso music, or counting numbers. Highly recommended, especially if you want to introduce children to traditional carnival music.


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About Tony Langham

He wrote his first poem at the age of seven. During his career he has worked as a steel-worker, construction worker, nurse, advertising copywriter and primary school teacher. After thirty years Tony decided to become a full-time writer and now writes stories, plays and poems for children of all ages and travels around the UK giving performances in schools. He is married with small children and lives in Yorkshire.

About Debbie Harter

She was born and raised in England, and she currently lives in Penzance, Cornwall. She has participated in all kinds of artistic ventures, creating jewellery, textiles, ceramics, mirrors and candles. Now Debbie works primarily in book illustration, and with her bold and vibrant style, has created many of Barefoot Books’ most successful titles, including Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon (1999), The Animal Boogie (2000) and the best-selling Bear series.

Written by Tony Langham

Illustrated by Debbie Harter

Paperback: 32 pages with CD

Publisher: Barefoot Books

Age group:  3 to 7 years

ISBN: 1841481386

Source: Amazon