Georgie can’t wait for Carnival. He is so excited as it is Jouvay and he is wearing his Carnival clothes. He has been longing for this day and he is so eager to join the masquerade and dance with the steel bands. “Georgie, stay close to me”, Pappy warned. “Don’t let me out of your sight. If I lose you today, your mother will never let me forget it.” The sound of brass drums filled the street. The vibrations echoed inside Georgie’s head and he felt them booming against his chest. Ripples of sound ran down his legs until they reached the soles of his feet and made him jump higher and higher as he sang, “One, two, three Follow me…” But when Georgie gets separated from his dad and he is surrounded by a Molasses Devil, Jab Moulassie, and his imps, all of a sudden Carnival turns scary ….

Carnival - Grace Hallworth - illustration 1
A great story for improving reading skills- this book is part of the Cambridge Reading scheme for key stage 2/P4-7. Set in the world of the Trinidad carnival-  the magic of carnival and its traditional Mas characters will capture the imagination of the younger readers.  The energy of the story matches the beat of the drums of a steel band, imbuing you with eagerness to join a band of masqueraders.

Carnival - Grace Hallworth - illustration 2


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About Grace Hallworth

 Grace Hallworth is a published author and an editor of children’s books. Some of the published credits of Grace Hallworth include Dancing to the River ELT Edition (Cambridge Storybooks), Sleep Tight ELT Edition (Cambridge Storybooks), Sing Me a Story!.

Written by Grace Hallworth

Edition illustrated

Paperback: 64 pages

 Publisher: Cambridge University Press (30 April 1998)

Age group:  7- 11 years’ old

 ISBN-13: 978-0521477031

Source: Amazon