Partying like a boss and palancing like JW & Blaze is most probably the thing to do during the Carnival week-end in Berlin, but you will miss so much if you don’t make the most of the city.

Berlin is particularly hot and sunny at this period, so you could do like a Berlin local and rent a bike to discover the city, the park, the river, the museums and various monuments…You can see a lot in just one day!

You will love to cycle through the park and alongside the Berlin Wall. Make sure to stop in one of the quirky local cafes for a drink or a brunch.
How to spot a local cafe? It’s simple, the furniture  usually don’t match!

They are Photoautomats (translate: Photomaton) everywhere in Berlin, particularly around the Warschauer Straße area. It’s only 2€, and will make a great souvenir.


For food, Currywurst is a Berlin specialty, and of course it involves some kind of sausages! If you’d rather stick with Caribbean food, then there is a Martinique Restaurant in the Kreuzberg area.