It’s not your first time in London, you clearly came for an 100% Caribbean and party time, here are a few things you will need to consider when choosing your accommodation

Stay in West London, closer to the Carnival

When taking part into the masquerade, meetings are fairly early in the morning.
Staying in the area will buy you some extra time to sleep. You will be only a few stops away from the Parade and will also be able to enjoy nice restaurants and Caribbean events in the area.

Areas such as Shepherd Bush, Hammersmith, Earl’s Court are recommended. Make sure to check TFL Planner to see where your accommodation is located on the Tube or Bus Map

West London Illustration Map from @Anna Simmons

Consider sharing a flat

Let’s be honest, you are not going to sleep a lot. Between the Parade on the day-time and the parties on the night-time, sleeping is barely allowed.  You will also need to consider that an important part of your budget is going to be spent in events, drinks etc…

Consider a flat. You will save money by sharing the costs. You could also share a large hotel room where you will be able to enjoy the breakfast at a minimum cost.

AirBnBHomeAway and LateRooms are good website to start your search ! You can also check VisitLondon website, you will be able to browse an extended list of self-catering accomodations