Notting Hill Carnival will give you the opportunity to discover the caribbean culture through music and dance but also through food. Be ready for an explosion of flavor as food will be just everywhere !

There are several street food stalls proposing, Jerk Chicken, roti, curry goat, fresh fruits, rum punch and so many other things which will give you a taste of local experience.

Photo Credit : Huffingtonpost

There are only few bars or restaurants open at Notting hill during the carnival, everything happens in the street.

Here what you should know 

  • This is the perfect place for food obsessed people
  • You will only find Startbucks, Prêt à Manger and other chains open in the main road near Notting Hill Tube station. Once you enter the carnival, it is only street food stalls
  • Bring some cash as all the local cash machines run out before the carnival even starts
  • For money saver carnavaliers, you can bring your own food and drinks
  • You will be eating standing up,sitting on the pavement or on someone stairs. Indeed, there are only few dedicated areas to eat.
  • If you are use to buying your jerk chicken, rice & peas £5 at Refill in Brixton, expect to pay £1 or £2 pounds more at the carnival
  • Be ready to queue as everyone is hungry ( no question asked )
  • You are not in a restaurant so you can bargain ( a bit) the prices with a nice and bright smile
  • Do not hesitate to taste new dishes, fruits or drinks, You won’t regret it and won’t forget it.
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Photo Credit : Zimbio