It’s sunny and warm, soca music is blasting and jerk chicken is cooking in the background.
The Flagz family has taken over Boxpark Shoreditch, under the intrigued eyes of the trendy East London crowd for the reveal of the band’s costumes for Notting Hill Carnival 2016.
We’re treated to a demonstration of last year’s dance routine and a there is special booth to take a picture with a feather headdress!
That is a band launch that is reflecting the youthful vibes of Flagz.
Can it be carnival again, tomorrow please?

Flagz crowd

Here is a snapshot of the Flagz costumes for Notting Hill Carnival 2016:

Under 16s

Flagz band launch - Under 16s

Anniversary section – Standard and Elaborate

Anniversary standard

Anniversary Elaborate

Carnival section – Standard and Elaborate

Flagz band launch - Carnival standard

Flagz band launch - Carnival Elaborate
But there is more to the costumes, the music and the fun.

This year, Flagz has partnered with Race Against Blood Cancer to raise awareness on leukemia and lymphoma, and the need for bone marrow donors within ethnic minorities, (namely the Afro Caribbean ethnic group) which are under represented in the registers.

Last year, no fewer than 438 people signed onto the bone marrow register during Notting Hill Carnival. Race Against Blood Cancer staff offered support to sister charity the ACLT over the two day event.  A prodigious number given the scarcity of suitable donors currently on the registers, and hence demonstrating that working closely with Carnival bands is an astute initiative.

Find out more about donating blood marrow, and do join Flagz on the road, for Notting Hill Carnival 2016, if you are looking for a youthful and fun crowd to mingle with. Registrations are open.