Do Like a Londoner to really experience a snippet of the London lifestyle. If you want to avoid the classic tourist spots then check the free newspapers and apps used by Locals to find latest events or gigs.

Time OutThe Londonist  and The Dasltonist are great places to start with. You can also download free YPlan mobile app, for last minute plans.

Check the Guardian and pick-up the free Metro or Evening Standard  newspapers(near metro stations) for the latest news on events, gigs, things to do and see!

Don’t do like a Tourist:

  • Know the Escalator- rule : Stand still on the right hand-side of the escalator, not on the left!
  • When Londoners say ‘Sorry’ or ‘Excuse Me’ , it basically means : Get out of my way!
  • The backpack issue : Avoid carrying a backpack in the already crowded tube or train station, that will annoy a couple of locals
  • Don’t enter  the tube without waiting for people to get off… Get on the queue. Yes there is a queue to get on the tube, and there is a queue for pretty much everything really…
  • Don’t miss Gin’o’clock! Usually around 6pm is the time to head over to the pub… no need to wait any later than that..

Check out the infographic below for more useful tips!

london tips