It’s not very often that you get the opportunity to create your costume for the carnival.

We are at the cosy Sunshine Cafe in Brixton.
Ann, a designer, is busy making costumes for the Liverpool carnival, taking place in July.
The theme this year explores the evolution of the carnival costumes throughout the years.
From African and Egyptian themes, to the Devils (jabs), through the larger than life poppets. To today’s beads and feathers costumes.

CollageAnna-concepts cropped
Creating costumes for the Liverpool carnival. From concepts to craft

Ray, the owner of the cafe tells us the story of the costumes that have been made throughout the years in the atelier.
In a corner lies the iconic metal helmet of the Urban Samurai Warriors created by renowned Trinidadian designer Peter Minshall.
This float’s theme encouraged Trinidadian to heal the “sacred heart of Trinidad”. And turn their back against corruption and crime.

Peter Minshall Samurai helmet

And then it is our turn!
We get to stick ornaments onto felt paper for a frontline costume.
Such a fun and gratifying activity!
And very relaxing, for a world where multi-tasking is the norm.
Crafting a carnival costume takes time and precision. It’s a real eye opener.


If you’re interested in joining Sunshine International Arts on the road, and make your own costume, you are invited to their  Notting Hill Carnival costume open day on Sunday 31st May.
The theme costumes will be on presentation, and there will be some music too!