Why not play with paint this year at the Notting Hill Carnival?

Colours say:

We love carnival! We love the music, the energy, the vibrant colours, the dancing, the feeling of pure happiness. We wanted to share our passion and experiences of Trinidad carnival with the world, so in 2011 we created Colours.

Contact details

Website: www.coloursuk.com
Facebook: facebook.com/coloursnhc

Packages Include

– Entry onto the road!
– ALL INCLUSIVE refreshments
– Lunch
– Souvenir cup
– Souvenir backpack
– COLOURS Tee shirt / Gemmed monokini
– Security to ensure you all have a BALL!
– Toilet facilities – no more staggering around Notting Hill trying to find a toilet!
Private Ryan – Trinidad & Tobago
Dj Markee – London
Back 2 Basics – NYC
Barrie Hype – Miami
Surprise international guests