Cocoyea has been established for over 30 years, as a keen promoter of the Caribbean culture. Their calypso and soca music events are renowned around London.

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Notting Hill Carnival 2018

Band launch: May 7th 2018

Notting Hill Carnival 2017

Band launch: Monday 17th April 2017
Theme: Turbulence

Monday 17th April 2017 – Cocoyea costume reveal

Notting Hill Carnival 2016

Costume reveal: 30th May 2016
Theme: Reflexion
Price Range
: £100 – £500

Heaven – picture courtesy of Flycrc 
Airam Designs – picture courtesy of Flycrc
Bird Sanctuary – picture courtesy of Flycrc

Further pictures on the Flycrc Facebook page

Cocoyea Band Launch 2016

Cocoyea Mas band’s presentation is themed as ‘Reflexions’ for Notting Hill Carnival 2016. As well as presenting their own collection, this band is hosting two other collections. The first collection is Airam Designs by Tiffanni Maria Thompson. She works for Pulse 88 Radio and has a breakfast show called ‘Breakfast at Tiffanni’s’. Tiffanni explained this will be her second year on the road as a designer.  It is her aim to bring the carnival culture and designs to a larger market outside of the known UK soca community.

Read more on the ILoveCarnivall website

Notting Hill Carnival 2015

Theme: “Neon”

Mas Camp – Open  28th July 2015
Prospects, Unit 2
Paul House
308 Ladbroke Grove
London W10 5NH

Price Range: 150 – 300
Band Launch: May 3rd 2015
Costume pre-order: Now – check their website

Cocoyea Band Launch 2015 – Experience

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