Ladbroke Grove, the KPH Theatre Bar.
The Cocoyea family is sitting upstairs, awaiting the costume reveal for Noting Hill Carnival 2015
The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. The oldest members mingle with the new generation. The DJ is mixing some old Calypso anthems with the newest Soca releases.
This Victorian pub  has certainly retained its original features. Think traditional Victorian furniture and paintings. Wooden parquet, chandelier lights…

Ian tells us the Cocoyea is the spine of a coconut tree leaf in the Trinidad and Tobago lingo.
He has been running the masquerade band with his parents since the early 80s.

He was only about 17 at the time, but he hasn’t had a summer holiday ever since.
Preparing Notting Carnival costumes had to take priority over vacations with friends!

Back to the costume reveal, here is a snapshot of the costumes.
Professional pictures will be posted on the  Cocoyea website by the end of this week.
These beautiful costumes have been designed by Artistic Director Paul O’Donoghue.

Ultra Violet Frontline

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Ultra Violet Backline

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Neon City Light

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Showtime Special

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