The Notting Hill carnival is Europe largest street party, with 2 million visitors each year.
Yet, it remains a mystery for many people.
We hope this helps debunk the most common myths about the carnival

Where is the Notting Hill carnival from?

The Notting Hill carnival is a direct import from Trinidad & Tobago.
The first edition of the carnival took place in 1959.
Learn about the carnival in our very own About the Carnival section.

What is this website for?
We’re helping you create your very own carnival experience.
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What music is played at the carnival?
Soca music is mostly played on the bands sound systems. It is the most popular music from Trinidad & Tobago.
If you come to watch, you will also find a variety of sound systems, with a large range of music.

Can I bring my own costume?
You can if you want to. But if you want to join a float, you will most probably have to buy a day package with one of the bands.
It is a lot of fun, we encourage you to do it.

Is the costume then lent to me?
When you join a float, the costume becomes yours, forever to keep.
These costumes are all hand-made, either by local artists, or crafted in Trinidad & Tobago.

Who are this people jumping up with chocolate and color all over them?
They are most certainly taking part in the J’ouvert celebration, and integral part of the carnival

What’s the deal with the sound systems?
Sound systems are an integral part of the carnival. They are placed throughout the carnival route.
We’ll give you a full list of sound systems closer to the carnival, but get a taster here.

I don’t like crowds! I think the Notting Hill Carnival is not for me
Yes, crowds can be quite overwhelming at the carnival.
If you’re coming to visit with you family, come early (from 10am) and check the programme.
If you’re coming to watch with friends, better pick a sound system and enjoy the atmosphere.
The must of course is to take part in the festivities!