The Carnival Arts and Masquerade Foundation has announced the winners for this year’s competition.


Voice of Mauritius
Photo: Michel Jean-Marain – Voice of Mauritius

Small band

1st Voice of Mauritius (251 pts)
2ndDuka Mas Dominik (217 pts)
3rdPeople’s World (123 pts)
4thGlorious Backstage Art (120 pts)

Medium band

1stFlagz (189 pts)



Sunshine Internation Arts
Sunshine International Arts – Photo: Instagram @sponcebck

Small band

1st Sunshine International Arts (223 pts)
2ndElimu Paddington Arts in collaboration with Genesis (220 pts)
3rd Dragon Cultural Arts (162 pts)

Medium band

1st  Mahogany (292 pts)



Batala – Photo: Instagram @swar80

1stBatala (270 pts)
2ndLondon School of Samba (238 pts)
3rdParaiso School of Samba (197 pts)



Small band

1stFlamingo Carnival Arts (184 pts)

Medium band

1stCalabash Carnival Club (118 pts)


 Fun Fantasy

Flamboyan – Photo: Facebook @Flamboyan-Carnival-Arts

Small band

1st – Flamboyan International Carnival Arts (179 pts)
2ndDynamic mas (178 pts)
3rdSaga Boys (176 pts)
4thMasquerade 2000 (145 pts)

Medium band

1stTrinity  (123 pts)
2ndCocoyea (89 pts)

Large band

1stUCOM (249 pts)
2ndChocolate Nation (184 pts)