Sunshine International Arts is inviting you to their mas camp, see for yourself how costumes are made and participate in the craft!
An experience well suited to children and families, along with those interested in carnival history and carnival art.

We are holding  ‘Meet the Designer’ sessions throughout this month so pop by to check out our production, look at our new 2016 costumes and have a chat with Ray, Sunshine International Arts’ Artistic Director. Check our Calendar for more information on the schedule.

The Notting Hill 2016  theme is named: OIL SLICK – “between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”.

Mas camp is held in the Sunshine International Arts Cafe, in Brixton, 209A Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8RU.

Friday, 3rd June: AFTER WORK LIME/ MAS CAMP 4pm-9pm

Mas Camp- A social place where carnival costumes are made

Join our Mas Camp and learn about the culture of carnival! Check out our in-house exhibition ‘The Art of Carnival’. On show will also be our design for a Bel Air costume, commissioned by the British Library where it was previously on display.

Join us for Rum Punch and Trini curry!

Saturday, 4th June: ONE HUNDRED FACES KIDS WORKSHOP 11am-12.30pm

Let your children discover their crafty side in our FREE mask painting workshop. We will be launching our One Hundred Faces project and masks will feature in our Notting Hill Carnival Children’s Day production.

There will also be dance classes available.
Check the calendar for the detailed schedule.