Talented Carnival Art designer Melissa Simon-Hartman will be presenting her section for Elimu Carnival band at Carnival EXPO, at the end of this month.
Melissa Simon Hartman also designed the Basilisk section for Bacchanalia, for Notting Hill Carnival 2016:

Basilisk - Melissa Simon Hartman
Basilisk – Melissa Simon Hartman

And last year, she created the unforgettable Pride section for Elimu:

Pride section - Medea
Pride section – Medea

The limited edition costumes will be presented at Carnival EXPO, on 30th April and 1st May 2016 at the Melissa Simon-Hartman stand.
The costumes will also be on display at the Golden Jubilee of Notting Hill Carnival on 24th April 2016, at the Paddington Arts Centre.
Check the Facebook page for further details.


The Last Daughters

All that remains of a once powerful Mother Nature, lost in a world swallowed by the rising tide of technology and industrialisation.
They are the “Last Daughters” and they are the key to our survival.