Brixton Village is the place to go for foods from around the world. You’ll find Europe, India, Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean all represented. From Cafés to restaurants and shops that sell everything from cheese, artisanal soap to traditional Chinese medicine, Brixton Village is definitely a place to browse on Saturday afternoon or in the evenings.

We particularly recommend the Colombian restaurant : El Rancho Del Lalo! You should give this one a try!

Don’t hesitate to lose yourself in the arcades as there is so much more to see whilst walking around in Brixton! A couples of steps away there is another market where you will find fresh fruits,with a wide range of Caribbean selections,  vegetables, fish and fresh meat.

If you are for the lookout of Vintage items, Brixton has it all! On the third Saturday of each month, the Retro&Vintage market is offering a large choice of vintage clothes, jewellery, shoes and furniture…

Opening Times : From 8am to 11:30pm – expect Mondays, they close at 6pm
Address: 94-95 Brixton Village Market