Another day another band launch for Notting Hill Carnival 2015!

Today the Barbadian community is gathering, not only for the Bajan Revellers costume reveal it seems, but also to be together, and mark the beginning of the crop-over celebrations at the Barbados High Commission.

Yes, passports are being delivered upstairs, amongst the Notting Hill carnival feathers, that is rather nice we have to say.

Crop Over is the name of the Bajan celebration, that starts in May and last all through summer. We’re reminded that the Calvacades (a serie  of stage shows) mark the beginning of the celebrations, followed by the Calypso Tents, showcasing artists and music throughout the summer.
The conclusions of the celebrations is  The Grand Kadooment with J’ouvert and street celebrations.

As it turns out, the London Bajan community is very much in touch with its traditions, but also in the importance of valorising them to attract tourism and achieve self-sufficiency as a nation.

An example that other Caribbean islands can certainly be inspired from (yes we’re looking at you Martinique and Guadeloupe!)

The costumes this year come in bright red and bright green, for a theme named Ignition.

They’re very affordable, perhaps thanks to the solid sponsoring achieved by Bajan Revellers for Notting Hill Carnival 2015.
Enjoy the images!




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