Walking into the trendy Hoxton Arches, in Shoreditch, we’re welcomed with Prosecco and fine canapés.
It’s exclusive, it’s refined, Bacchanalia seems to be setting the tone for the experience on the road, for Notting Hill Carnival 2015!

This year’s theme is named the Legacy of She.
The costume are telling us the story of what the Woman represents for us, throughout our lives.


The Source
She is the Source, because isn’t it where we all originate from?
The costumes are elaborated gold one-pieces with beautiful colourful voile headpieces.

The Source


A Mystery
Because she is unique, and captivating!
A bright collection of orange, green and blue costumes, with a lot of feathers.



A Warrior
She is a Warrior, but doesn’t lose her essence and her femininity.
This section is a return to the wild, with gold and yellow tones!

The Warrior


A Lover
A Woman, becomes a Lover, to then become the best version of herself.
An overwhelming red tone, and a beautiful, circular headpiece for the front line.

The Lover


Because hope is all we have in the end!
We can’t keep our eyes off this extravagant and sublime piece.
With  yellow and orange tones, and a light blue in the background.
It looks like the sun itself.



Bacchanalia presents a very fine collection for Notting Hill Carnival 2015.
We love the Legacy of She, not only for the variety and elegance of the collection; but also for its meaning.
A beautiful ode to Women!

Bacchanalia costumes sell out every year, very quickly.
Pre-orders and orders have started.