Notting Hill Carnival is kicking off early this year.
The Christmas season is barely over. And all eyes are on the Caribbean, where the carnival season is in full swing.
But for some bands, carnival is definitively a year long affair, where the planning, the creating and the crafting is spread out throughout many months.
On Saturday, it was Bacchanalia’s turn to showcase the costumes for Notting Hill Carnival 2017.
As one of Carnival’s fastest selling band, there is always a consistency in the superiority of their craft. And this is not only about fine costumes. The band is animated by a young and enlivening group named “Xtream Soca Crew” who seem to have a really good time on the Notting Hill Carnival road.

The theme this year is named: “Slither”.
Slither, like the snake that elegantly and delicately glides its way through a perilous path.
And we are greeted with, yes, a larger than life snake entwined around a very friendly hostess!
A great preamble, even for someone, like me who is normally terrified of snakes.

As the catwalk commences, we are treated with four themes.

First, there is Venom, in gold and shimmery shades.


Then, there is Enchantress, a captivating Circe with a seductive train:


And Ophis, a stunning theme with butterfly like wings, in pink and purple shades:


The grand finale is something to remember.
Maurisa Coleman impersonated a grandiose “Savage Beauty”.

Savage beauty

Last time I checked, there was only two costumes left in the Savage Beauty theme.
Book early to join Bacchanalia on the road for Notting Hill Carnival 2017!

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