You know you’re in trouble when a conversation with your boss goes like this:

– I gave you that since last week Jason..
– I know, but I’ve been palancing! This is my time, this is MY TIME!!
– Then go ahead Jason, you go ahead and palance…
– Damn right!

But wait, what exactly is Palance?

Palance (verb) is a Trinidadian dialect term which means ‘to party and have fun’. It is closely related to the term ‘lime’ but, unlike a lime which involves hanging out with friends, palancing involves having extreme fun (most typically in a party setting) and can be done on one’s own, or with friends as well. The term, though gaining major popularity during the 2010 Carnival due to the song of the same name (by JW and Blaze), has been around for a long time.

It starts from left to right. Or maybe from right to left? Make sure you go with the flow!

 And when the DJ plays the song, be ready to PALANCE!