An event gathering  carnival creators, artists, cultural enterprises and carnival enthusiasts exhibiting all facets of Carnival.

Carnival Expo is dedicated to creating opportunities for participants and visitors alike as the event will act as a spring board for creative talents in the field of Carnival Art. As per namesake, this exhibition will present ALL forms of ‘Carnival’ portrayed in all regions of the world. The Expo intends to educate and promote carnivals so as to provide better understanding as well as to encourage greater participation by the art community, the business sector and the public at large. The educational information will include the history of carnivals, their evolution over the years and the cultural importance of the festivals. Carnival Expo quite naturally promises to be a visual splendor and will also feature light entertainment to create a stimulating atmosphere with enough excitement for the young and the no-so-young!

8th – 9th August 2015

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The Kia Oval
Kennington, London
SE11 5SS

Nearest station: Oval

£20 to £35

carnival expo programme