Mahogany is presenting “London is the Place for Me”, the collection for Notting Hill Carnival 2016.
The theme celebrates the 50th anniversary of  London hosting the Notting Hill Carnival through five designs: English Rose, the Tube, Skyline, Pence, Modernity, Football and All the Queen Roses.

Mahogany 2016 collage

At this time, the costumes are only sketches. They will come to life once they have been booked, and will only be on lease for the day “on the road”.
Mahogany remains the only masquerade band still creating traditional backpack wire frame costumes for Carnival.
They are larger than life creations and works of precision designed by Clary Salandy and David Ramdeen.

In these uncertain times brought about by the “Brexit”, and the questions around the sustainability  of the Notting Hill Carnival in its current format, bringing dismay and consternation to the Carnival sphere, London remains a place that a large Caribbean population calls home. Mahogany chooses to pay homage to the intrinsic multiculturalism of the Carnival.

Sketeches are on display at:
Mahogany Carnival Design
28 High Street, Harlesden,
NW10 4LX